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holiday peppermint striped kitty krackers  

mod stripe kitty krackers  

saguaro cactus catnip toy   $8.00

kitty krackers   $18.00

cubeycat toy   $14.00

spacey cat toy   $10.00

stringycat toy   $10.00

basset hound catnip toy   $10.00

dachshund catnip toy   $10.00

fox terrier catnip toy   $10.00

german shepherd catnip toy   $10.00

show poodle catnip toy   $10.00

spaniel catnip toy   $10.00

cat trip toy   $19.00

dotty catnip toy   $4.50

alpaca mice with rattles  

redbird dangly catnip toy   $10.00

dragonfly dangly catnip toy   $10.00

octopussy dangly catnip toy   $10.00

frog dangly catnip toy   $10.00

goldfish dangly catnip toy   $10.00

gecko dangly catnip toy   $10.00