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stripe canvas harness vest  

microfiber quilted harness vest  

khaki and orange stripe harness vest  

orange waxed-canvas harness vest  

tan waxed-canvas harness vest  

navy waxed-canvas harness vest  

multicolor argyle step-in harness   $46.00

pink argyle step-in harness   $46.00

paisley step-in harness   $46.00

brown candy stripe harness  

woven stripe cotton step-in harnesses  

green flower ribbon harness   $46.00

good dog ribbon harness   $46.00

mod stripes ribbon harness   $46.00

red and yellow stripe harness  

blue and red stripe harness  

red gingham harness   $46.00

pink gingham harness   $46.00

green gingham harness   $46.00

blue gingham harness   $46.00

khaki and orange stripe harness